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Upcoming events

    • 5 Feb 2020
    • 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
    • 541 58th St. Altoona PA 16602 (South Hills School of Business and Technology)

    Join us for the (ISC)2 Penn Highlands Chapter quarterly meetup. This event will feature a presentation from Schneider Downs, a cybersecurity firm, on the topic of ransomware. Food and beverages will be provided.  There will also be door prizes. This is a reschedule of the previously cancelled event.

    Location: 541 58th St. Altoona PA 16602 (South Hills School of Business and Technology)

    Please see the description below from the presenter:

    $1,000,000 Global Ransomware Lockdown: Chronicles of a Rapid Responder

    Ransomware is one of the most devastating cyber-attack methods that exists today, and these attacks are seemingly getting more difficult to prevent and recover from. Does your organization have a plan for when the lights go out, data and systems become unavailable, the phones stop working, or the manufacturing floor comes to a crashing halt? Join the Schneider Downs cybersecurity team as they share a real world experience of a massive ransomware attack that shut down a global business operation for many weeks. The Schneider Downs team will provide a stunning first-hand account of the realities of a well-coordinated and crafted ransomware attack from an international threat actor that has eluded law enforcement for many years.

    This presentation will:

    ·       Give the audience an inside look at how a ransomware attack really works
    ·       Analyze the tactics, techniques and methods used by the threat actors
    ·       Discuss controls that could have prevented or detected the malicious actions
    ·       Provide accounts of lessons learned by those experiencing their first incident
    ·       Discuss the benefits of proper planning and coordination with law enforcement resources



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